Brief About Proprietor

Under the banner of Rakhshan Movies Network Javed Rehman Khan has written, produced and directed several documentaries and short-films on various contemporary and burning issues in India. His film “HAMAARE SAPNE” (OUR DREAMS), a documentary-film based on family-planning & Child welfare, was highly appreciated in the National Film Festival, India in the year of 1979.

He has been a part-time of lecturer in Magadh University, and produced & directed many stage-plays in Patna, Kolkata and Mumbai. He has also written several novels both in Hindi and in English languages. He has directed several Bollywood Feature-films since 1991, some of which are :

1.     Main Tumha Hoon ( I’m Yours )

2.     Shehnai (The Flute)

3.     Padmashree ( The Medal )

4.     Police-Case

5.     Qanoon Tumhara Jung Hamaari ( Law is yours, Fight is ours )