Sales strategies

09/03/2010 02:13

Javed Rehman Khan
Proprietor & CEO
Rakhshan Movies Network

What products will you offer during the World Content Market?

Rakhshan Movies Network is the global company for buying, selling, financing and distributing cultural contents across all platforms. We provide world audiences with quality and innovative stories across multiple platforms while taking Indian stories to the world at large. We will be offering during the World Content Market: Indian films and TV series, TV movies. Also, we offer excellent content for films; we commission TV programs and classical Indian movies, we offer video-albums on Indian Culture, we are also interested in co-productions.

Thela No.5


What rights do you offer?

Aggregation of Rights: Theatricals, TV, video, home video, terrestrial, in flight and satellite rights.

Buyers from what countries do you target?

Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe, Middle East and North America.